How to start a new project at 40+ age: Joanna Wittekoek

This episode is in English because I recently visited Bangladesh for my work in solar power and used the opportunity to meet some very interesting people there – and Joanna is one of them.

Sometimes, the job of your lifetime comes to you by accident. This is how it happened to Joanna, who was working in a bank in Holland for many years and now takes care of street children and travellers in Bangladesh. – Quite a change? Well, sometimes life comes to you and you only have to listen. And do the next step.

I enjoyed this conversation a lot because it shows at many points how this being open and curious for life can lead to incredible opportunities.

We talk about what is important when you do fundraising for your project, the chance of being laid off, and the best thing that Bangladesh can offer.

AND, big offer for you: Joanna offered to get in touch if you are taking an important decision in your own life! – Contact her at golpata(at) and ask her advice!

In this episode:

On Joanna and Bangladesh:

  • Community-based Tourism in Bangladesh
  • Tigers in Bangladesh’s Sundarbans
  • The best thing Bangladesh can offer
  • Challenges of doing business in Bangladesh
  • Joanna’s orphanage: Giving guidance to young people who have no other opportunity

Advise for your project:

  • How to do fundraising for your project
  • Most important in fundraising: Sharing your story

Joanna’s story:

  • Joanna’s personal story of taking care of others
  • Her career path: From hotel to bank to Bangladesh
  • When her job was scrapped: The chance of being laid off.
  • Her decision to go to Bangladesh: The flow of life.
  • The Eco-tourism idea: Making your passion a social business.
  • The hardest times: When a girl tried to hang herself.

Advise to find your own path to your dream job with purpose:

  • How to go from what you “have to” to doing something that matters: Share your dreams & story.
  • Take the opportunity NOW, don’t worry for money as long as you have a roof above your head.
  • Keep your eyes & ears open: Sometimes we meet people who can change our life, but we don’t pay attention.
  • Don’t judge how important a project is – if it is important to yourself, do it.
  • Do something that matters, don’t waste your life.
  • If you are unhappy, don’t just carry on. Make a small step first, that will change your future.


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