Folge 2: Miguel Lozano

Miguel Lozano is one of the best Freedivers in the world. That means he goes down below -120m in the sea with one single breath. But the great thing about him is not that he is a hardcore mechanized athlete (which does not mean that he does not train hard!), but he is rather a lover of a sport which he has turned into his life. Miguel loves travelling, his home-country Spain and good food. And his new-born daughter, of course.
Enjoy my conversation with Miguel!

If you have 5 minutes only then listen to Miguel’s walk-through of a -120m dive with one single breath!

In this episode:

  • Deep-dive walk through: Going down to -120m with one single breath
  • How Miguel got into freediving
  • Teamwork vs. working alone – isn’t freediving a solitary sport?
  • Risks & safety in freediving
  • Miguel’s training for other athletes and business people, plus: a breathing exercise for you at home
  • Why he loves freediving
  • Whether and how fame changed his work & happiness
  • “How do you find the job you love?” – Miguel’s pledge for going for what you love.
  • “How do you know you are the right person to turn such a passion into your job?”
  • Being a father as a freediver


Books mentioned:

  • The Simpsons and the Philosophy
  • The Rock Warrior’s Way
  • The Truth about the Case Harry Quebert


Overview of freediving disciplines:


Miguel and his schools:


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