Folge 13: How to live well together as human beings – Frey Faust part 2

I was just gonna ask Frey some final que­s‍tions in this second session, but it turned out so fruitful and intere­s‍ting that I am making a separate episode out of this – it was so intriguing to li­s‍ten to his ideas and insights on society, human life and our physical nature as human beings!

We discuss Frey’s take on society and politics, his key message and the downsides of fame – as well as some practical advice on physical “maintenance” for people working in an office environment 😉


This episode is completely in English.

In this episode:

  • Most influential book: Solitude – A Return to the Self, which is a book by a psychologist on how and why to embrace your own wounds – Amazon:
  • Why Nita Little one of the founders of Contact Improvisation, is an important role model and human being for him; her everyday awareneß – see her homepage:
  • Advice from Frey as a “movement genius” for people who sit at their computer deskthe whole day (like me) 😉
  • The big difference between our human brain and computers – see article:
  • Being a “voluntarist”: Frey’s take on politics
  • The downsides of being a public charismatic figureand how to tackle them.
  • Frey’s core message: Being together as human beings without any fix mindset of wrong and right, and see how we can be well together.

Interested in the first part of my conversation with Frey? – Go here.

Did you enjoy this episode? Then a big thank you for sharing it!

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